Every woman has what I call a "home-state."

A feeling of wholeness in the body - like returning to the spa over and over again - even when stress or vacation throw you off your regime.

"How do you help me find my home-state?"

Throughout our sessions we:

  • Investigate your current diet + lifestyle habits 
  • Focus on what wets your appetite and elevates your spirit as a mama
  • Customize a wellness + lifestyle plan, suitable to you + your baby's needs
  • Equip + implement you with easy-to-follow tools supporting new habits, like conscious chewing
  • Create lists of nutritional foods + non-toxic items you can stock up on (all within your budget!)
  • Train your mind to listen to your body and eat foods that energize instead of deplete you
  • Keep you accountable with small incremental changes that give way to big-time results
  • BONUS! You get to choose one of the following:
    • Option 1. GROCERY OUTING! Take me with you to the grocery store to learn how to shop for healthy foods + food preps  
    • Option 2.  KITCHEN MAKEOVER! I come over and help you clear out what isn’t working to make room for all the good stuff.

Imagine strolling down the grocery Aisle, unsure whether to buy an item so you send me a pic of the nutrition label to give you the green or red light.

That's what it's like to have me in your corner wherever you go! If you stumble over a hurdle, you have me to help you spring over the hurdle, instead of taking 2 steps back.


6 month program Includes:

+ Bi-weekly 50 minute sessions (via Phone, Skype or In-person)

+ Unlimited access to phone, text, + e-mail to answer questions

+BONUS! Grocery Outing or Kitchen Makeover


3 Payment Options:


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