My Top Wellness Podcasts

As a busy mama, the books I want to read are piling up on my nightstand. Podcasts are in easy way to quench my thirst for knowledge of all things health and spirituality! I play them while cooking dinner, doing errands, or in the car. Check out some of my favorites, all available on iTunes!

1. Let It Out with Katie Dalebout - I am a longtime listener and consider Katie a friend! Katie has a wide variety of guests, asks interesting, thoughtful questions (many of her guests comment that no one has ever asked them 'that' before!), and does not limit herself to only wellness-y topics. She has actors, writers, and business owners on for deep and meaningful conversations that feel like they are happening around your kitchen table.

2. One Part Podcast with Jessica Murnane - Jessica is a wellness expert who controls her endometriosis with plant based eating, and is on a mission to get everyone to eat one plant based meal a day. All her guests end their episodes with a plant based recipe suggestion!

3. The Rich Roll Podcast - Rich is an ultra marathon athlete who swears by plant based eating. He is a hardcore vegan (I am not) - but I love listening to his passion for plants, spirituality of your own understanding, and endurance.

4. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes - Although this is a comedy podcast, hosted by comedian and creator of HBO's Crashing Pete Holmes, every conversation veers into the realm of spirituality. Pete is also plant based (but, as he jokes, not after two drinks!).

5. The Tim Ferriss Show - I just find author Tim Ferriss incredibly fascinating. His podcasts talks about (and to) successful people, biohackers, and titans of industry. Even when I have never heard of his guest before, I always find something useful to take away from the interview.

Dairy Low-Down

Photo by Digital Vision./Photodisc / Getty Images

Photo by Digital Vision./Photodisc / Getty Images

There are conflicting theories on dairy in our diets. Many people attribute their skin, stomach, even pain issues with consuming dairy. My personal philosophy, with dairy and most dietary choices, is that every person is unique, and diet is a personal decision specific to our individual makeups. I include dairy in my coffee, yogurt for probiotics, eat eggs regularly, and will occasionally indulge when on vacation or special occasions. I prefer organic, locally sourced whenever possible.

Eggs are a great source for protein and B vitamins. I love two eggs scrambled with turmeric (for anti inflammatory benefits), black pepper, nutritional yeast and greens. I make the same recipe for my daughter and she cannot get enough! I am happy to give her the best quality eggs locally available and she tolerates it extremely well (no rashes, tummy troubles, or fussiness!).

Cows milk dairy is a different story. I usually only include cows milk dairy in my coffee (an indulgence I have yet to kick!) - and it's generally organic or locally sourced. The rest of my dairy - generally yogurt - is goats milk. I find this easier to digest, and less allergenic than cows milk. I give the same to my daughter, who reacts poorly to cows milk but can handle moderate amounts of goat milk. Yogurt is a good source of protein and probiotics for digestive health, and is an easy way to mix in fruits, nuts, and seeds (hemp and chia are our favorites!).

Pay attention to the signals your body sends when you have dairy of any variety. Does your skin break out? More trips to the bathroom? This may be a sign that your body is not processing the dairy well. While on a recent vacation I had cheese at breakfast two days in a row and my body soooooo felt the repercussions!

My favorite brands for goat milk dairy are Meyenberg milk, Redwood Hill Farms and Trader Joe's yogurt. I also like small amounts of Lifeway brand kefir (cows milk).