But First, Breakfast

How are there people in the world who don’t eat breakfast? I cannot imagine. I am hungry in the morning! I try not to eat too late in the evening, because it makes me feel sluggish and messes with my digestion. When I wake up though, I am ready to eat. I usually eat after my morning workout. I am a breakfast creature of habit. For weeks, I will have the same thing for breakfast, then one day inspiration will strike and I will change to a new routine. For the most part, I love me a morning smoothie! Some other breakfast favorites are:

-berries, nondairy yogurt, and sprinkle of granola

-almond or organic peanut butter and rice cakes or Ezekial bread

-Two eggs scrambled with greens

The reason I love my breakfast smoothie is because it packs a pretty powerful nutritional punch, but is simple and quick to put together. I get a dose of greens in right away, and the ingredients keep me energized and satisfied through the morning. My morning smoothie recipe is:

1 c. almond or coconut milk

1 scoop Raw Fit vegan protein powder

1 banana

1 handful of greens (usually spinach or kale)

1 tsp. chia seeds

1 tsp. cacao powder

Other add ins (depending on what I have on hand) are ginger, cacao nibs instead of powder, ground flax, spirulina or maca powder.

Blend & enjoy!!