Detoxing My Beauty Routine

For many many MANY years, I was a slave to beauty products. Now, I still love a good lotion, a new shampoo, or a trip to Sephora. However I have become so much more conscious of what I put on my body (what goes ON goes IN), and also how much money I spend! I used to buy full sized products, use them once or twice, and they would end up in a product graveyard in my bathroom until one day I would throw the 3/4 full bottle away. Gross.

I used to wander the CVS aisles looking for the newest, best smelling shampoo, or spend hours on the Sephora website looking at expensive foundations with the same longing I now reserve for I would go to the store eager to try the three or four products I lusted after, and sometimes would come home with more than one. As if anyone needs two foundations of the exact shade?!

Eventually, this combination of frivolous spending and paraben-heavy product use did not mesh with the rest of my life, and it came time for me to really evaluate my beauty product habits. I found out that parabens, a common beauty product preservative, may be linked to breast cancer. So is the aluminum in many conventional deodorants! I suddenly became very aware that what I put on my body could easily end up in my blood steam. Eek.

Through trial and error, research, and the wisdom that comes with age, I have narrowed down my product use. I have found this to be unbelievably freeing. I no longer feel pulled to have the exact right skin cream, or conditioner, or mascara to feel my best. I find what I like, I stick to it, I make a change if I feel like it. The decluttering of my bathroom has led to the decluttering of my mind! I have also become a fan of the Environmental Working Group’s app Skin Deep which allows you to scan products right in the store and find out what their level of safety is.

Here are some of my new favorites. I hope you find this useful! Like me, you might find that the over processed chemical smells of your old favorite products become intolerable after using more natural ones.

Body Wash – Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap (Rose) *I also use this in place of shaving cream

Face Wash and Moisturizer – Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk & Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Lotion

Toner/Body Spray/All Around Life Saver: Heritage Products Rosewater

Shampoo & Conditioner – SoapBox brand (found at Target!)

Hair Serum: R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil

Deodorant – Schmidt’s Lavendar & Sage or Bergamot & Lime scent

Toothpaste – DIY or Tom’s of Maine

Body Scrub – DIY – Sugar, Olive Oil, Essential Oils mixed in a jar

Body Lotion/Oil – Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter or Sabon Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Oil

For Wrinkles – Young Living Rose Ointment mixed with Frankincense Oil

Mascara – Tarte Gifted

Foundation – Tarte Amazonian Clay CC Cream OR Bella Pierre Mineral Makeup

Blush – Bare Minerals

Nail Polish – Zoya