Plant Based Protein

When people find out that I do not eat meat, their first question is ALWAYS "But where do you get your protein?". We all know that protein is important, but do we know why?

Protein helps keep our energy up, our blood sugar stable, and is the building block of our cells and tissues. Important stuff! However, it is debatable how much our bodies actually require. We certainly do not need to be dumping protein powder into every drink and adding chicken to every single dish we eat!

Protein is actually in WAY more foods than we think, it's all around us! If you choose animal based sources, you can find protein in meat, chicken, and fish - of course. Protein is also in whole grains such as quinoa and oats. Beans, soy (tofu and tempeh) are versatile components of many main dishes that are good sources and can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Protein exists in varying degrees in veggies such as broccoli, spinach, kale, collard greens, bok choy, romaine lettuce, and watercress.

My go-to high protein meal (when I need more energy, feel like I haven't gotten enough in that day, or just crave this easy and yummy dish!) - is 2 eggs (preferably pasture raised) scrambled, steamed broccoli and spinach, and sprouted grain toast. Balanced, easy, and contains ingredients you most likely already have in the kitchen!

Share with me your protein-related questions, or your favorite sources!

Why Health Coaching - and Why Now?

When I first started working with a health coach, I actually wasn't 100% sure what a "health coach" was! I originally assumed she would be similar to a nutritionist - giving me lists of "good" and "bad" foods. I was so relieved that was not the case. We spent our sessions deep diving WAY past foods, into what was really going on in my life that was masked by the food. I was chugging Diet Cokes because I was exhausted. I was scarfing down "breakfast bars" because I had a crazy commute allowing me no time for a proper breakfast - and I had no idea breakfast was something you could prep the night before (mind blowing). I was a nurse after all, I did not need someone to tell me that Big Macs were bad and salads were good. What I needed was a coach.

A recent Huffington Post piece defined health coaches as "a new breed of healthcare professional whose job is to guide individuals through the minefield of dietary and lifestyle change. They support clients to make behavioural changes by utilising techniques such as goal setting, identifying obstacles, and just good old positive reinforcement and support".

Photo by udra/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by udra/iStock / Getty Images

When I work with my clients, we start with the food and then we go deeper. How can I support you to feel the way you always knew you could? What can you add to your life to make you happier RIGHT NOW? What is one nasty habit you could work on eliminating this week? Slowly but surely, these manageable incremental changes take you from a Diet Coke slugging basket case to a glowing skin, kale loving (maybe), organized and focused mama who is ready to take on the day - and is prepared for when things don't go as planned (HA!).

GREAT NEWS - it's summer, and we're all nailing down our trips, weekends, and relaxing plans. I have TWO openings for coaching clients this month! Want in? Shoot me an email ( or even easier - click on over to my Contact page now!